For Business Use

For Business Use

We provide various business solutions using comony by utilizing not only our VR development know-how, but also our own CG and web development system.
In addition, We provide total support from sales and marketing to new business development using VR in your business.


New-age presentation tool specialized
for architecture and real estate
comony can be used for consensus building in remote areas, presentations utilizing VR spaces, etc. comony contributes to the improvement of proposals in business scenes that deal with space.
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Three things comony is good at
What comony features the most is space. We have always maintained our commitment to the pursuit of space creation, the delivery of better spaces, and the creation of new value through space. By providing the features and functions necessary to take care of these, comony aims to be "the platform with the best understanding of space"
Thorough reproduction of space in the metaverse
You can conduct business meetings directly in Metaverse without having to meet in person
We realize the creation of a simple and easy-to-understand metaverse that allows you to proceed in a consultative manner.
Space Gallery in comony
You can see the space that has been uploaded by creators, tie-up companies, and other makers with a special attention to detail.
Summary of Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a fee for general users, participants in events, etc.?
Is it possible to upload the space myself?
What devices can I use the service on?

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