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過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ 過去と未来を創る建築メタバースの世界へ

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What is about comony?

See what we can do
Case 1.
Easy conversion
of CG space into VR.
By using the dedicated SDK, you can easily convert various CG spaces into VR.
Easy conversion <br>of CG space into VR.
Case 2.
Voice chat
in a virtual space.
comony allows multi-person voice chat in a VR space.
Voice chat <br>in a virtual space.
Case 3.
comony provides VR spaces
all around the world.
You can connect with people around the world by publishing your VR space on comony.
comony provides VR spaces <br>all around the world.<br>

How to use comony

Let's get started
Free registration
Free registration
Register for free to start using comony
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Download application
Download application
After completing free registration, you can download the comony application.
Download comony
Enter virtual space
Enter virtual space
Choose the virtual space you want to enter and start comony.
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For Business

For Business
For Business users / For business
owners who want to use comony
We provide various business solutions
using the VR space sharing platform, comony.
Utilizing our VR and CG development skills,
we will provide total support from sales and marketing operations
as well as new business development related to VR-related contents.
dummy image

Publish VR housing exhibition hall on comony. Reduce advertising and operating costs

We have constructed a VR housing exhibition hall on comony, showcasing model houses from the housing manufacturers. These models can convey the same spatial information like the actual exhibition hall which could not be provided by existing sales promotion tools. It may contribute to the reduction of advertising costs and help build an efficient remote sales method.

dummy image

comony allows you to share the completed image of housing before construction with the owner using architectural VR.

By using comony at the design stage, you can easily share the space with the owner and the designer. Shared space can be easily viewed on mobile apps and PCs. It can be easily used by anyone and does not require knowledge on specialized software.

dummy image

Create digital archive of spaces you want to keep, such as important cultural properties and buildings

Historical monuments that are demolished due to aging or cultural heritages that have already disappeared are virtually reproduced as photorealistic spaces based on drawings and photographs, and space is semi-permanently saved on comony as a digital archive.

DigitalTwin by comony

For Creator

For Creator
To individual creators and educational institutions
comony can be used by individual creators as a place
for expression or as a place to present school assignments.
You can easily upload your own architectural CG to the cloud
and view your work in VR anytime, anywhere.
You can also experience the works of other architectural creators
in virtual space, discover and follow new architects.
You can also publish your own space in a virtual space
and present your work in the space.
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